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Why Evershine

The only way a company can expand its horizons in close to seven decades of experience is by maintaining the highest quality standards in its products and services. And that is what we guarantee at Evershine: products and services of the highest quality. Our commitment to quality is matched by the technology we use to achieve it. A healthy balance of traditional and modern methodologies ensures our ability to give clients the best.

With Evershine, you get the guarantee of quality products and services and on-time delivery.

Our Legacy

Our journey started in early 1942, when Mohammed Patcha Sahib founded India Granite Artworks, the forerunner of Basha’s Evershine Group. Just a couple of years later, in 1944, India Granite Artworks exported its first consignment of granite monuments to Meyer Bros. Later, it also sent consignments to Hyden Leek and Braithwaite in the UK.

Exactly 25 years after India Granite Artworks came into existence, Evershine Granites was born, in 1967. In 1970, Evershine became the first company to introduce granite slabs to the international market, mainly Japan. A year later, in 1971, we took another significant step in the global granite market – introducing multi-color granites to the international market. We were the first to hold 50% of the export share of the entire Indian granite market for over a decade ('60's & '70's). In 1977, we exported landscaping props, including kerbs, cubes, and wallstones for the first time, with Mr. Munavar Basha studying the possibilities in Portugal.

Today, we at the Basha's Evershine Group understand the importance and significance of diversification in contributing to an organization’s growth, and have expanded our operations in other domains as well. Our objective is to provide the same top class service to our clients in those domains. Our areas of operations today include information technology, real estate and high-end retailing.


Our Milestones

Mohammed Patcha Sahib & Sons started India Granite Artworks.

First export of granite monuments to Meyer Bros. Later, exports were also done to Hyden Leek
and Braithwaite in the UK.

Evershine Granite is born.

Evershine Granites introduced black granite blocks and thick slabs to the international market mainly Japan.

Evershine Granites introduce multi-color granites for the first time in the world markets.

Export landscaping props, including kerbstones, Cobblestones/Cubes and wallstones. This is the first time
landscaping props have been exported. Munavar Basha studies the possibilities in Portugal.

Gangsaw Slab Unit was established.

Corporate Office in Bangalore was established.

Establishment of Monuments Unit - 100% EOU.

Expansion of the Slab Unit.

Establishment of Tile Unit.

Expansion of TIle Unit.

Introduction of Bash Blue to the world market.

Chairman's Message


The success of our company can be attributed to our ability to continually identify and nurture each relationship with our customer, by making them feel that they become part of our extended family of trust, great quality of the product and a highly impeccable service, for over a period of six decades.

Our values of respect, trust, and involvement remain consistent. These values are embraced by our people and have played a major role in our success so far. These values will continue to do so going forward.

- Munavar Basha (Chairman)

The Evershine Advantage

Hand sculpted granite monuments & memorials are created by our experienced artisans. Their expertise has been handed down through ages from their fore fathers who were ancient temple sculptors. This invaluable proficiency of our artisans is made available to our customers.

Wide variety of our export quality items include Rough dimensional block, Polished slabs/tiles, Markers, Monuments, Flamed & Bush hammered paving slabs, Kerbstones, Pollers, Balls, Steps, Cobblestones/Cubes & Granite furniture. In appreciation of our meritorious services and quality for various Granite products we have been affiliated by the Central Government of India, State Government, Dept. of Trade & Commerce & other Government agencies with innumerable top export awards & Certificate of Merits.

Our special product finishes include High Gloss Polishing, Flaming and Bush hammer. Our different granite varieties are Kuppam Green, Red Multicolour, Paradiso Bash, Multicolour & Black Galaxy. Our exclisive granite is Bash Blue.

We have large supplies of quality granites available for export and for the Indian market throughout the year.

We are exporting our natural/processed granite products all over the World -
USA, Hawaii, Canada, UK, Scotland, lreland, Italy, Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Middle East, Israel, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

We at Evershine Group pride ourselves on our ability to provide end-to-end solutions in granite to our clients. Our solutions include world class products and also services.

We have a comprehensive list of product offerings, which consists Rough dimensional block, Kerbstones, Cobblestones/Cubes, Palisades & Paving Slabs of varying dimensions and shapes. Polished slabs/tiles, Caliberated Tiles & Monuments, Tombstones, Vanity Tops, Counter Tops, Cut To Sizes, Stone furniture, Granite Artefacts & Sculptures. Our products have been used extensively in different locations across the world – airports, bridges, city centers, streets, walkways, tube stations, landscaping, and also parks. They have also found use in a number of applications.

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