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Artistry In Stone: Monuments Par Excellence

Basha’s Evershine Group exports some of the finest quality granite monuments. These monuments, all of which are wholly for export, are created from a variety of granites. They are either hand-sculpted or machine-refined, depending on the complexity of the design and other related requirements.

The artisans we employ are highly skilled sculptors who have, from generations, practiced the art of temple sculpture. Their extra ordinary skills are evident in these exquisite monuments. Completely complementing traditional practices are our state-of-the-art factories that truly ‘leave no stone unturned’ in creating monuments of exceptional quality and beauty. At Evershine, we use advanced technology and cutting edge design to provide high quality monuments to clients from across the globe.

We export monuments to Germany, Sweden, Norway, France, Belgium, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Slovakia, England, Ireland, Canada, and the USA.

Black Monuments

Coloured Monuments

Monument Colors

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